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Has something gone wrong in your life? Are you searching for a way to put it right? When the usual ways of sorting our problems out don’t work anymore it can be helpful to speak with someone who is not involved in your day to day life. I will offer a safe and confidential space to explore what is bothering you. By this, I mean both a physical place and an emotional space. I will not judge you but I will give you my honest reflections on what you say to me.  I will work hard to understand what you are telling me and to empathise with the emotions you are feeling. Working together in the unique circumstances that counselling offers, allows new answers to come to light.

You are the expert on you.
I believe that the answers to problems in living are found by you creatively reshuffling your personal strengths, your life experiences and what we learn between us. These create a new perspective. 
Therapy is an opportunity to work on things in your life, and to
find more satisfying and rewarding ways of living. Research shows that therapy can be very helpful for many people, and that most clients leave counselling or psychotherapy feeling much better than when they started. 

Walter Baxter, Counsellor in Forfar and Arbroath

Are you in Crisis now?

phone the NHS

in Scotland on

08454 242424

in England on

0845 4647

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